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Any famous architects come out from cambridge?

Hello there,

I was just wondering whether anyone had become a famous architect and had studied at cambridge? I can't seem to find anyone...
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i've searched but couldn't really find one that actually studied there. obviously there's loads that have built cambridge up
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scarlet ibis :biggrin:
scarlet ibis :biggrin:


There isn't a proper list, but suffice to say it's quite spectacular! Some contemporary architects: Eric Parry, Ted Cullinan, Nicholas Grimshaw, Tom Emerson (6a). Colin St. John Wilson was the head of dept for many years, and then theres the old guard - Peter Carl, Dalibor Vesely etc.
No, they all congregate around bell towers and develop bad posture, plotting the next demolition... :wink:
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hahah thanks :]]

scarlet ibis just wondering, how are you finding the course at Cambridge? Did you ever once regret going there?

all i can say is that i think you're lucky to be going (possibly) into the course a few years after I did.

Essentially the problem with Cambridge's architecture course is that its not really understood by the rest of the University and is extremely underfunded as a result. Its a great course, and gives its students a strong background in theory and history as well as instilling a sense of design and context. Its a liberal, exciting place to learn about architecture. BUT the lack of money means that the facilities are pants (you have to pay for EVERYTHING yourself - i spent an absolute fortune on materials - and the printing facilities are so poor) While I was there, also, the place was being refurbished (although I will never benefit, since i've graduated) which is great for the prospective applicants but meant that I spent my 3rd and most important year in a building site. The extension/refurbishment itself is a joke - theres no way that all three years will fit in one room, but thats another story.

Hopefully tho, things will have settles down by the time you guys get there and the course will have returned to its former glory :smile: