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I've been accepted at both universities and am now trying to choose which one to head to.

I will be studying Economics, but am planning to pursue a career in international development or economic policy (perhaps working for the IMF or OECD).

If I went to Chicago, this would give me the flexibility to perhaps minor in Public Policy or International Development, whereas at LSE this would limit me to getting a really in-depth knowledge of economics (not necessarily a bad thing!)

I would be planning on doing a Masters in International Relations/Politics/Policy, probably not economics, after university, either in the UK or the US. Which one of these would give me the best chance of getting in to the best post-grad courses (Harvard, Cambridge, Princeton etc.)?

I know that if I chose Chicago, to qualify for post-grad courses I would need to have a minimum GPA. Chicago is notorious for severe deflation so there is a strong chance I wouldn't reach the standard required for continuing my studies. Would this be a hindrance or would universities recognise that a lower GPA from Chicago is equally competitive as a higher GPA from another university? Also, if I was to return to the UK, would they be as understanding or would they not have as much knowledge of Chicago's intensely fierce academic reputation?

Other factors I would also like some insight into would be the prospect of internships during my studies and work in the UK/US after graduation depending on which institution I went to.

Another thing I am concerned about, with regards to LSE, is their reputation for steering students towards investment banking which I have very little desire to work in. I am concerned that although they are renowned for their students getting amazing jobs in the finance industry, there might be less focus/opportunities for students who want to pursue working for international economic organisations.

Anyone with any thoughts???
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Chicago all day for me! LSE is a bit get to live in America for 3/4 years and get a degree which is going in the direction you want.

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