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Not sure which label to put it under.


I have a somewhat complicated situation that I really need help with. I'm interrupting my studies due to mental health, I had them for the past couple of years but recently it got to the point where I needed to interrupt or fail my studies.

So the problem is I'm interrupting the studies but I'm still in need of money, I have
heard that I can get some extra funding since its for health reasons however I would need to provide some sort of evidence as in for paying rent etc. The issue is that I live with my aunt and I pay her using my student loan but with cash so I could not provide any bank statements for that.

I'm in desperate need because I haven't informed my parents nor my aunt about the interruption because I'm not open to discuss it with them yet. Well my college forced a discussion with my parents once because I was under 18 however they didn't take it well and said that I'm healthy and nothing wrong with me etc. So I dropped the conversation for good and I'm scared of talking to them.

Just trying to give some insight into my situation. Please don't be judgemental on me.

Is there any advice you could give me ?
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Please find below information with regards to your query and circumstances.

If you have suspended your studies due to health reasons, we can award you up to 60 days extra funding. In order to automatically award 60 days additional support you must have suspended due to illness, your university must notify us of this in the suspension, the support will then be put in place. If the university do not notify us in the suspension you can send us medical evidence to support this suspension. The evidence will then be reviewed in order to see if the extra funding can be put in place.

In order to award support after 60 days or throughout the period of suspension you will need to send further evidence of the reasons for the suspension, length of suspension and financial hardship. Until evidence is received we will treat you as a normal suspended student and not award any additional funding.

Each case is reviewed on an individual basis by the Discretionary Payments Team.


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