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    Hi. I am new to this board so any help I receive will be greatly appreciated. I got my AS level results today, and didnt do too well. I got ABCC, A in maths, B in english, C in physics and history. Up till today I was planning on doing history at university and was planning accordingly i.e reading around the subject, picking a topic i had not learned about and read up about it. Now i think i might have to alter my plans, and might do maths at university, i was wondering if you knew of any extra curricular activities i could do or something along those lines which would aid my application.



    Hi! I got my AS results today too and I'm applying for maths also. I'm sorry you've had to rethink your plans (but maths is better than history in my opinion anyway!! ).

    It depends on which universities you are applying to. Some (a lot of the "top" unis) are not all that bothered with extra curricular stuff. They might set you some questions at interview to test your knowledge of maths (or whatever subject you apply for). Often, how well you perform in this is much more important than any other extra curricular stuff. Maths isn't one of those subjects like medicine where extra curricular activities and hobbies is really crucial. I think they'd be much more bothered about your knowledge of maths.

    What you should do to aid your application, is pick a subject you like in maths (that isn't on your syllabus), or that you can pretend to like, read a couple of books on it, and when you get to your interview (or in your PS) you can tell them (or pretend if you have to) all about how amazingly fascinating you find it and how giving you an offer will provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study it further and find out more! I'm no expert but I've heard that will make a much better impression than "I play this and that sport", since that has no relevance to your course!

    Having said that, I am not implying that sports/music etc isn't important at all (esp if you, for example, play an instrument to a high level, or so I've been told). Work experience might help, but definately isn't essential, especially not for maths (e.g. I did some in a computer company).

    What unis are you considering applying to? Edinburgh asks for ABC for maths and that's a good uni, have you considered there?

    Oh yeah, btw, I don't know if this is the case with you, but people interested in maths are often also interested in programming. If you have done some porgramming before, it is definately worth mentioning that!

    Also, in which modules did you get the best marks in? I'm just asking because if you got especially high ones in stats for example, you might want to consider a joint maths and stats course maybe (or joint physics or comp sci or whatever, there's lots of other possibilities), which may give you more stuff to talk about and which you might enjoy more!
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    Hi. Thanks for the advice. I want to apply to a top uni i.e russell league. Even though i got ABCC, i was 5/6 marks off AABB so hopefuilly i should get AABB in A Levels. what grades did you get in as levels? i did quite well in modules P1: 98/100 , S1: 94/100 , M1 75/100. i would prefer to do straight maths though to be honest. you mentioned that i should read about a topic, is this what you did? what sort of topics should i go for?

    thanks in advance


    I got AAAA .. was very pleased with myself. Got p1- 100% (how?!?), s1 and m2 both 88%.

    Your S1 and P1 marks are excellent! If you do apply for maths, I'd consider mentioning (or getting whoever's writing your reference) it.

    The topic thing - yeah this is what I am going to do. I've picked Chaos Theory because, in my opinion, it is genuinely interesting (plus u get those pretty fractal pictures from it!!! ). You could read up on that, see if you like it, or maybe something like Optimisation. Just have a look in books, see what you like really.
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