Will degrees and careers unrelated with technology, be useless in the future?

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I was going to study maths and economics, with the aim of following a career in finance, in fields such as actuarial science or investment banking.

However, now I'm rethinking, as due to all these advancements in technology a computer science (or related) degree is the only one that has real opportunities (except maybe medicine).

For example, will jobs like that of an actuary or investment analyst exist to the same extent in 10 years from now?
It seems to me that to increase my chance to have a good, stable job in the future I must study a computing related degree (computer science, data science, etc.), or at least maths, and follow a career in that section.
Am I true?
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When people talk about AI or machine learning everyone thinks of skynet/terminator, which by and large is tosh.

What AI/machine learning is rapidly doing though is automating many jobs that use to require manual human effort. For example, AI can now write sports reports based on data mined from various sources. If you think about sports, the key details are often numeric (how many points or goals were scored, how long did the match go on for etc....), there is little sentiment needed so this is a perfect job for AI. So we won't need the same number of sports journalists in the future.

Similarly traditional marketing is rapidly changing. Marketing use to rely on subjective marketing surveys and think groups. Now data science tells you exactly what products people are looking at online, what their spending habit are etc....Again we won't need the same amount of marketing professionals in the future.

These are just 2 examples. Finance will have jobs automated too but IMO you are better to get a good understanding of your field, then learn CS. There are plenty of masters level CS conversion degrees in the Uk. Having a background in maths can be a big advantage in learning CS too. I'd say do your undergrad in maths then learn CS afterwards.

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