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For all students who have used my resources, I would very much appreciate if you put any feedback on this forum which my be positive or any improvements. If you liked my resources please give me a rep so I know that my resources are helping students dearly Image Ty for using my resources

For those who have not used my resources and are studying as and a2 biology, please click on the link and make an account on get revising which is free and send me a message (my name on get revising is the same as the one on here). This is so that you can click on my name in your 'sent messages' on the right hand side so that you will get a list of all my resources. My resources are based on the AQA spec but other students who follow other exam boards are welcome to view my resources Image


If you prefer to look at my resources on The Student room, I have websites on all AS and A2 biology except the last topic of A2 being 'The control of gene expression' as I am still working on it. Sorry for any inconvenience made. The websites are found on here in the forum 'Be a web legend and win a MacBook air'.

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