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Any ideas on how/what approach I would take for the following question?

The late Baroness Young said in a House of Lords debate about proposed divorce reform in the Family Law Bill 1996:
“The Bill, whether amended or not, will influence behaviour. It will send out a message and it will influence the cultural climate of our society. The message of no fault is clear. It is that breaking marriage vows, breaking a civil contract, does not matter. It undermines individual responsibility. It is an attack on decent behaviour and fidelity. It violates common sense and creates injustice for anyone who believes in guilt and innocence. I believe that it undermines the whole legal framework of marriage and makes marriage less than buying a television licence, or making a tenancy agreement...As regards the most important decision we ever make in the course of our lives--that is, the decision to get married--it seems to me completely contradictory that breaking that promise should now carry no fault at all.”1
Critically analyse this statement in the light of the current statutory and judicial framework for divorce, proposals for a no-fault model of divorce and the results of your survey.

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