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Hello, I was just hoping for some advice if anyone has it on whether it'd be worth it doing the LPC for myself.

I was awarded my first degree in 2014 by Leeds Met, 1st Class Hons Public Services Management.

Completed the GDL in 2015, got a Commendation (2-1), from Bradford University School of Management.

Worked in Legal Admin for 4 months soon after this, but the firm was an absolutely awful place to work, so I left and got a job at SkyBet in the call centre, been there for about a year. I've read some other things on this forum and other forums and it has gotten me a little bit worried about whether I'd actually be able to pursue a career in law given this. I'm absolutely confident I'd be able to complete the LPC course academically, and I can self finance, I'm just concerned as to how difficult it would be given these circumstances for me to get a job as a Solicitor/Paralegal and get a Training Contract.

My question in summary then is, I can self fund the LPC, but it's been over a year since I worked in Legal Admin and the university I got my honours degree from wasn't great (I don't know how good Bradford SoM is where I got my GDL from, and I'm not sure whether or not it even matters?) so .. would it be worth it?

How difficult would it be for me to get a Training Contract, or a career in law in general? I live in Leeds, and I believe there are a lot of Law Firms around here, so I guess that'd boost my chances, but I'm not really sure? In Leeds there are 3 offerings for the LPC; BPP, UoL and Leeds Met. I wouldn't consider Leeds Met for the LPC, and BPP and UoL offer exactly the same course costs etc. Is there a difference between BPP and UoL? Do employers favour one over the other?

Thanks a lot
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JSP is right , you really need to be sure what areas of Law you wish to practice . I know of someone who self - funded the LPC 2 years ago and , although working as a paralegal, is finding it tough securing a TC ( and their first degree is from Oxford ) . One of the reasons could be that they have restricted their options owing to the modules studied .

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