Brexit is an idiotic mistake – calendar week 16 summary

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UK's ex-PM John Major: Brexit will damage UK political influence as trade deals likely elusive

Only economic study showing benefits of Brexit debunked as 'doubly misleading'

European Commission wants UK to pay Brexit costs — in euros
Brussels wants the UK to pay all related costs and bear the currency risk, according to draft negotiating directives.

Here’s Where London Bankers Are Moving After Brexit
Brexit is two years away but the exodus of finance jobs is already beginning.

Denmark to contest UK efforts to 'take back control' of fisheries
The British government’s plan to “take back control” of its waters after leaving the EU is about to be challenged by a claim from Denmark that its fishermen have a historical right to access to the seas around Britain dating back to the 1400s.

Cuts and Brexit add to pressure on the NHS
The fallout from Brexit is that there are 10,000 NHS doctors who qualified in the European Economic Area – and a recent British Medical Association survey found that 42% plan to leave.
The UK already has fewer doctors per person than other leading European economies at 2.8 per 1,000 people: Germany has 4.1, France 3.3 and Italy 4.2. If you think that waiting two weeks for a GP appointment or more than four hours in A&E is unacceptable at the moment, then just wait for 2019 when we finally do Brexit. There will be no extra £350m a week for the NHS as promised on the side of a bus.

Brussels hardens Brexit line on EU workers’ rights
Commission and member states tighten up policy positions to make tougher demands of UK


UK inflation is only going one way. Let's hope interest rates don't follow

Germany needs a strong EU. Why would it allow Britain an easy Brexit?
Angela Merkel’s government has no interest in indulging the UK during the negotiations – and a general election won’t change that
[…] Yet none of this […] makes the German government inclined to indulge the British in the forthcoming negotiations. Its top priority is to ensure that Brexit does not weaken the EU, and that means the UK must not be allowed any kind of special arrangements that could undermine the European institutions.
[...] They echo Merkel’s belief that the strength of the EU matters more than the loss of a bit of trade. And even where corporate pressure exists, German politicians have often privileged strategic interests over economics.
[…] Merkel’s growing domestic political vulnerability is another reason for pessimism from Britain’s point of view.

Brexit and Britain’s delusions of empire
[…] Never mind that Britain’s empire was a precursor to the forces of globalization and migration that the Brexiteers so profoundly resent.
[…] The reality is that many Commonwealth nations simply don’t need Britain.
[…] Britain’s memories of past triumphs and world-spanning power may make for easy political rhetoric, but they don’t stand up to the actual history. Many have now noted how little Britain’s real imperial legacy — one of conquest and abuse, coercion and exploitation — is actually remembered.
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Don't forgot, no more EU means no more open skies agreements. Goodbye cheap flights to rest of Europe!

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