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Currently I am stuck on Information Systems P5/6. I think I might of missed something because its just not clicked yet.

Any help would be appreciated.

The question,

The Hitech forum has been a great success, due to the collaboration of different businesses and innovative strategies, which has recently introduced a newly formed business. Informatica Robotica are a newly created company that supply artificial intelligent robotic solutions for proficient, efficient and scalable integration.

Informatica Robotica have requested for a consultation about their current information infrastructure and technology, so they can make an assertive decision on how and what information system to use.

P5 - Informatica Robotica are currently setting up an information system for the company as a whole and wanted some advice, to identify a specific information systems that could be used within the business.

What types of information systems could you suggest, by describing the specific some features and explaining the reasons to your choice of an information system for these specific areas :-

1. Research and development

2. Manufacturing

3. Sales


As a consultant, Informatica Robotica has asked you to collate information about the current system, but it is your responsibility to choose specific data that is relevant.

1. Produce test data that can be used to produce information. Use a data generator and produce data ready for processing i.e.

When you have produced your data, save to CVS file format ready to be processed.

2. From the data you have produced, explain why you have chosen this information in your specified criteria. You must be specific in your example and explain what measures you have taken to increase accuracy of the data produced.

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