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If it hurts, then why do it :confused: :confused:

And I guess it must hurt "guys" as well, if your boyfriend said it hurt him.
Anal sex and girl going on top are two major reasons for penises to break. All guys stay away from anal sex unless you want to risk a penis fracture...
I just don't get why anyone would have anal sex in the first place... Pretty disgusting to me, but if It hurts, then don't do it!!!!
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I've never tried it but been told it feels (for a guy) much the same as regular sex except "a lot tighter" and so maybe that's why it hurt for him - because it was just too tight for him. Especially if, as the person above says, you haven't tried smaller things yet and so you're not used to having anything going up there.
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me and my boyfriend had started experimenting with anal sex, and i said it was hurting, then in a conversation later on he said it hurt him as well,

does it really hurt guys as well? (we were using lube) really dumb question i know!

Ive never tried it Why? because thats an exit not an entrance. :eek:
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"My dear boy ... the anus was designed for the retention and expulsion of faecal matter, not for the reception of foreign organs, however lovingly placed there."
- Evelyn Waugh, to his son
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Think about it... One of the most sensitive parts of the body.. tryng to be forced through a very small gap..

Yeah, id bet it hurts.