Could someone please give me some feedback for my Romeo and Juliet essay?

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I have practiced an essay on fate and free will and the consequences of this in the play and it would be really helpful if anyone has any advice and could possibly give it a grade? (it's the new spec for edexcel)
In 'Romeo and Juliet' fate and free will is questionable for the events of the play. The characters are portrayed to blame fate and preach for it to give their lives positive events. There is also a huge amount of foreshadowing which makes the audience question the character's free will.
Firstly, the prologue discusses fate and free will. Instantaneously, we are informed that the lovers will 'take their lives' so this is inevitable from the start suggesting they have no free will and the events in the play is their destiny. The two protagonists are also described as 'star-crossed lovers' highlighting that their love is almost written in the stars and they are made for each other. This would have been strongly acknowledged in the Elizabethan society as the society were strong believers of religion and fare so the prologue the prologue introduces the idea that it is Romeo and Juliet's fate to fall in love and die. This being true, leads to the escalation of the rest of the play as without them falling in love, none of the tragic events such as Tybalt, Mercutio, Lady Montague, Paris and of course Romeo and Juliet's death. As this idea is discussed at the very start of the play, the Elizabethan audience are forced to question if any of the characters actions are voluntary or if it is just their fate which enforces the tragic end.

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