MSc Mechanical Engineering Questions for students

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I have applied to UCL for MSc Mechanical engineering, and I had some questions for any students who have done, or are doing the course. There are a few questions, but if you can answer any of these, it would be greatly appreciated. I have tried contacting the uni for something, but they haven't been of as much help in regards to introducing me to places where I could get answers. But ofc, all answers and opinions are a great help.

In terms of the course itself, how is the timetabling? I have been told that it’s decent, but they are very careless with their lab timetabling. Approx how many hrs a week do we have lects?

I've heard something about 'Intensive modules', where you're taught the whole module in week, and then you have the exams like a month after. Are there any of these in the course?

In my previous uni where I did my BEng, not all lecturers used slides, nor were the lectures recorded. So if you didn't turn up, you're screwed for that lecture. In some uni's it’s their policy to video record all lects. Where does UCL lie on this scale? Do all lecturers have slides which they upload, or does it vary from lecturer to lecturer?

Speaking of Lecturers, how helpful are they really? If I was struggling, and I approached them, would they really try to help me, or shrug me off?

What are the core software’s used in the course? And how flexible is the licence (Am I able to download the software onto my computer to use)?

When are the Disso topics selected, and what’s the process for choosing them?

How manageable is the word load? Is it possible to have a somewhat social life during the course?

If possible, could I get a rough idea of how the deadlines are spread throughout the yr (deadline sheet if possible)?

Does the university email work after we graduate, or is it deleted after?

Does the UCL name help when it comes to getting a job? I’ve heard that in engineering it doesn’t matter as much, but I have also heard that it does help, so it’s a bit conflicting.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to any of the questions.

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