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Vet med at nottingham

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We're really not allowed to tell you about the questions or anything beforehand, sorry about that. They're very strict on it and they do check this forum. Best of luck with it though.
As for what A levels you should be taken (mentioned above somewhere) the prospectus says it all.
Students on campus, Nottingham University
University of Nottingham
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I have my Nottingham Interview tomorrow!!!!! I'm looking forward to it but I'm nervous at the same time lol :smile: Had Liverpool interview last week (6th Feb) xx
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Hope it went well for you!! Visit the vet part of the student rooms, under courses, and then vet med. We've got a lot of good stuff on there that may interest you!!
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Sorry if someone has already asked this, which halls would you suggest for 1st year accomadation? I'm not sure if I'll get an interview let alone an offer but if I do I want to know where to apply for accomadation if I do get an offer, preferably somewhere not far from where all the lectures are. Also would you suggest catered or self-catered?
Original post by Aranyani
yeah i kind of have to apply there because i don't want to go to scotland or london and that only leaves me with Liverpool, Bristol and Nottingham.

Applying for uni is so depressing :|

Ahhhh i am so glad that I have found someone in the same boat as me, the only ones i can apply to are Nottingham, Surrey and Liverpool as I don't want to go to Scotland and don't have the requirements for Cambridge or Bristol. I have to take a gap year anyway as I was 1 week short of work experience which sucks but my options are really limited too :/

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