I need help making a decision (mental sanity on the line)

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Do I a) do the several hours of revision for an Ethics unseen timed essay in class on Wednesday 3rd may (A2 Phil – actual exam 5th june) as I am supposed to and as everyone else in my class will, do less revision on AS Phil (exam 18th may) which I urgently urgently urgently need to, and therefore as a result probably do less work overall as I will get stressed and upset about the fact that in my mind I’m not prioritising the things I should be and just be miserable and anxious about everything and crying a lot lot lot and I’ll be sleeping badly but it’s alright because I need to pay for what I’ve done i.e. having not worked hard enough in advance

Or b) see the teacher, get out of it, let it slide, not properly take the consequences for my actions i.e. having not worked hard enough and having not been organised enough and feel massive guilt and self-loathing about having to do this sort of thing again but then be happier and more optimistic and focused about everything and probably in my opinion perform better in the long run

either way parents will be disappointed as mum has seen me get out of work either by asking in advance or going in and breaking down too many times this year. I know I never seem to learn - I seriously don't do this deliberately - but at this point in time I just want to do all I can to do well in my A levels. I realise I probably have an actual problem regarding my work ethic and organisation but psychoanalysis and more long term self improvement can probably wait till after...

Other things I'm getting upset / stressed about:
- flute grade 8 exam this thursday
- 2x french speaking exams next wednesday
- c1 retake day before phil as exam..........
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Just take it all one at a time. You're looking at everything at once which is overwhelming and you've already decided the rammifications before they've even happened.

Focus on what needs done first and then move on to the next thing. If you make a mess of it- yeah you'll be disappointed. But on the larger scale it really doesn't matter and there's nothing that you can do that can't be rectified later.

Be kind to yourself- chill out. Maybe speak to the GP about some sort of anti anxiety meds- I can practically hear you jittering in your text.

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