The Scholarship Wait!

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Hello, everybody!

Quick intro: I'm Andrea. I've been admitted to the Masters in Translation program (2017). I've also applied for the Vice Chancellor’s International Postgraduate Attainment Scholarship. And I like chocolate.

The purpose of this post is basically to offer a place for all of us ScholarshipSeekers to commiserate during our wait for news on our scholarships (be they undergraduate or postgraduate!).

Waiting is awful. I think I check my email fifteen times a day even though 1. I know the deadline hasn't passed yet and 2. I'm in Venezuela so with the time difference, sometimes I am checking at pretty unrealistic times. We can also share the moment we start receiving information so the others who haven't can get even more stressed

So welcome to the sweet wait post! It's like having a baby, but with less stretch marks.

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