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Lost Keys

Ok, I'm a first year undergrad living on campus, I went out today and somehow managed to lose my keys. I'm a bit panicked about it as I lost them right in the middle of campus. I retraced my steps to where I had been before my seminar and I got to one place where I thought I had left them. They were gone.

Do lost keys normally turn up in the uni? And if so, how fast do they normally get to the lost property? How likely is it that I'll be charged for new keys? And if it is likely, how much will it cost? I'm currently using the spare Porters' keys.

Sorry for the somewhat panicked post but I'm having a really, really bad day.
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Can't tell you off-hand, but the charge for a new set of keys is in the Resident's Handbook - I know it's not cheap because of the electronic security coding thingy. £20 springs to mind...
Have you reported them lost to Security? They might be handed in there if the college is not obvious.
There is a good chance that they will turn up at security or your porters' lodge in the next couple of days. Most people would hand keys in if they found them.
The best advice I can give is invest in a key chain that clips to your belt, then you won't lose them in future.
Student in the Laboratory, Lancaster University
Lancaster University
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I did try security but I couldn't honestly say they were too helpful considering I was panicking at losing my keys in such a big place. I certainly will attach them to me if/when I find them!
I'd imagine the cost depends on where you are living. The old buildings, like Bowland Main don't have any security coding, just plain old keys...
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You didn't have that keyring on them that tells you what number your room/block is did you?

I swear, the porters need to be telling people to take it off when they first get to their room because if you leave them lying around it, you might as well just give a stranger your keys and say 'help yourself to anything you find here.'
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as a freshers rep we were told to tell people to take them off. and then it was mentioned quite clearly in the paperwork we were given xx
Usually, what happens is you go to the porters and signa form that states that you've lost your keys. And you have seven days to find your keys or they'll bill you for new ones and/or a new lock.

If you keep the tag for your keys, then they won't need to install a new lock.