HELP Tactical revision for AS Edexcel Government and Politics (Unit 1 + 2)

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So I'm short on time and I need some advice. For Unit 1, I am planning on just revising two topics - which two though? Any thoughts on which are easiest and/or most beneficial for Unit 2?

I am so confused about Unit 2.
Is it possible to just revise two topics- if not what is the minimum?
Also, my teacher mentioned something about the 40 maker straddling more than one topic - in which case does this mean I need to know all 4 topics?

Heeeeeeeeelp please!!
Dasha P.
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*Read if you are doing papers 6GP01 and 6GP02*
Hey, what I personally find the most convenient is knowing three out of the four topics for Unit 1, the easiest for me being Pressure Groups and Elections. For Unit 2, the chapter excluded by most teachers is usually the judiciary, as it is the hardest to grasp and has the least flexibility in terms of development and analysis. The PM and cabinet, for instance, will easily tie in with democracy and political participation chapter of Unit 1, as well as to the 'elections' section. For Unit 1, consider excluding party policies and ideas - it is also where candidates usually score less and is at large irrelevant in Unit 2. As for your teacher mentioning that the 40 markers deals with two topics - I don't think that that is the case. You only need to choose one question out of two - if you cover 3 quarters of the material (i.e. 3 of the 4 topics), you will certainly know how to answer at least one of the two questions. For instance, in 2015, the two questions addressed - 1) the reform of H of L and 2) To what extent is the PM a president. That is why the judiciary is redundant - it almost always appears in Section A (with the sources) which are easy enough as they are.
The main issue for me is timing. I know 96 percent of the material, but I still screwed up in my mocks. Barely did 7 pages for Unit 2. Ugh, I don't know. Hopefully the sources are easy and the questions are straight-forward. Good luck with your revision.

P.s. What other AS exams are you taking?

TL;DR - Revise 3 topics for Unit 1 (Edexcel sometimes likes giving ******ed questions, stressing points which you may not have revised (e.g. the European Union)* and 3 topics in Unit 2. --> You will not get away with knowing just two topics in Unit 2! <--

* but if you want to take the risk or don't have the time, then revise at least two for Unit 1. If you're adamant on revising just two, I would go for elections and democracy and political participation, as they would be more relevant in Unit 2. (You can get away with using facts and info from Unit 1 as evidence and development in Unit 2 topics)
I'm not exactly a perfect student, but if you need any help or notes, maybe essays, feel free to PM me. I know what you're feeling.

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