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Hi all, this is probably going to sound incredibly stupid of me, but I don't have much experience in the banking industry as my degree is physics.
I've been offered (should point out this is a verbal offer - I've not been through the recruitment process) a place on JPM's corporate analyst program in Bournemouth, UK and upon reading the description I'm a bit confused as to what it actually is (front office or back?)
Here's what they've told me:
"Our two-year program is widely renowned and will give you the opportunity to learn about how our businesses come together to serve our clients. It all starts with our introductory training that provides a clear overview of our firm's history, the scale and scope of our organization and where we're heading.
From there, you will work in a fast-paced, collaborative environment on various teams across the firm. Rotations could be in any line of business including the Corporate & Investment Bank, Asset Management, Commercial Bank, Consumer & Community Banking and Corporate, including Global Real Estate, Global Supplier Services, Cyber Security, Strategy and Process Improvement, and many more. You will experience a range of core disciplines through four managed rotations into areas including analytics and business management, project management, process improvement, and risk and control, which will give you exposure to the scale of our organization and how our businesses work together. During your rotations, you will work alongside a variety of partners - from peers to business executives - to make real contributions and ensure we are running effectively, driving growth, managing risk and maintaining our global reputation for excellence.
A combination of hands on, leadership and functional training and development will stretch you, while a supportive team will encourage you to grow. Upon completion of the program, you will work with the program team to identify a permanent role, the first of many in your career at JPMorgan Chase."
Would I be crazy to turn it down for an ops job I've been offered too?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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sounds like some random rotational scheme across middle/back-office functions.

the program actually offers rotations in data and analytics, risk and controls, process management and project management, not any FO divisions. only FO support divisions.

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