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    as the two psychology exams are round the corner does anyone have any predictions on what sort of questions/ 12 markers may come up across paper 1 and paper 2 much appreciated

    I don't know what, but my teacher thinks an essay on social influence (section a) will be coming up, as the paper before had an essay on memory and attachment only, obviously I don't know the subject as there are loads of options in social influence that could be an essay...

    Last years paper:
    Social influence -
    How the minority influence the majority (flexibility, etc.) There were two questions on this.
    Questions about research methods e.g. self report.
    Asch, variables affecting conformity, e.g. task difficulty and two limitations of Asch.

    Memory -
    Multi-store model: only asked about short term memory.
    Long-term memory e.g. procedural, episodic.
    Cognitive interview (multi choice question)
    Working memory model --- Essay.

    ----------- Eyewitness testimony, forgetting and the coding, capacity, duration experiments (Peterson and Peterson, Baddeley, etc.) didn't come up. I wouldn't except the essay to be the working memory model again.

    Attachment -
    Romanian orphanage (multi choice)
    Internal working model
    Strange situation, Ainsworth ---- Essay.

    - I haven't looked at paper two, give it a look and just make note of the topics to come up and what hasn't. Make a note of the essay type questions because these probably won't be an essay for us this year.

    - https://www.loopa.co.uk/ - Loopa normally do predictions and are really close to what does come up, I haven't seen anything for our paper yet but it shouldn't be too long.

    Sorry I can't be more specific but there is only one past paper to look at so it's difficult to know
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Updated: May 7, 2017


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