Edexcel Unit 2: Crowded Coasts. What case studies should I be using?

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I'm retaking and I need help on what case studies are best suited for certain questions. The fieldwork and research questions (15 markers) always revolve around coastal management or coastal pressures. The other questions (10 markers) revolve around the physical aspects such as flooding or development growth such as blackpool or development conflicts between stakeholders such as dibden bay.

15 mark coastal management: Walton-on-the-naze, the different managment strategies, how I undertook fieldwork and research, and how effective was it... (if anyone else is doing this case study we can share notes). There are plenty of other case studies but I previously done walton and I am confident with it.

15 mark coastal pressues: now here is where the problem comes. This question can relate to either dibden bay (through expansion of industry) or studland (through high levels of tourism). What case studies do you recommend choosing? (it doesn't have to be the ones state above). Remeber, only one named area can be chosen in the answer.

10 mark coastal development: blackpool and its development as a seaside resort. benidorm and its urbanisation through tourism. relatively simple in my opinion.

10 mark coastal conflicts: this is best suited for the Dibden Bay example. Dubai is also another good example shown in the CGP book. However, coastal conflicts is very closely linked to coastal pressures. Is it a good idea to lets say use the same case study in two different answers?

Also, another thing, I saw an answer for 15 mark coastal managment that talked about Sri Lanka and how he carried out LOCAL surveys. Now, its highly unlikely that this person did so, but he was awarded 14 marks for the answer. You can check on the examiner report 2016. How unrelistic can my answers in order to get the high band? The reason why most case studies are in the UK is becuase students only carry out fieldwork and research in the UK (i know we don't actually go out to walton on the naze for example, but it seems relastic).

If anyone can help, or if anyone else is retaking we can help each other. I need an A in geography and I am aiming for high band answers in all these questions.

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