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Welcome to Chat!

Welcome to Chat!

Chat (formerly known as 'TSR Community') is a popular section designed for chit-chat, discussion and getting to know other members. Chat includes these other subsections:

Chat: wind down and relax, chat about anything and everything you like - make friends and enjoy yourself. :woo:
International Lounge: for international students to chat, make friends and mingle.
Forum Games: for games and competitions!

Rules in the Chat section:

If you have a query regarding a specific moderation action, please don't post on the public site! Head over to Ask the Community Team, the CT will be happy to answer any questions.

Should I post in Chat?
If your thread is not specific to any of the other sections, then Chat is the perfect place!

Where else can I post?
If your thread is not 'chatty' and/or for general discussion, then you will find it may be best suited to other sections. For example, if you are asking for exam help then Chat may not provide you with the best answers! For reference, the other sections are:

Chat - including other subsections such as Forum Games.
Life and Style - including Health and Relationships.
Entertainment - including Technology and Sport.
Debate and Current Affairs - including Society and Religion.
Study Help - including GCSEs and A-Levels.
University and University Courses - including UCAS Applications and University Life
Universities and HE colleges - including Oxbridge and International Study
Careers and Jobs - including Apprenticeships and Temporary Employment.

TSR news and announcements - for TSR announcements and help using the site (formerly part of 'TSR Community')

Don't see what you're looking for? Don't worry. There are plenty of subforums, please check out the complete list of sections here!

Need any other help? Feel free to post in TSR help or Ask the Community Team!
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