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I am really at my wits end. I have read for what seems to be an aternity and i still dont get how I approach this problem.

Any guidance would be REALLY appreciated.

"Following the 2020 election, the Conservative government has announced a wide raft of legislation. All of these were signalled in their election manifesto. You are a parliamentary lawyer working for the House of Lords Constitution Committee. The Committee has asked you to advise them on the constitutionality of these bills. You should examine the bills to see if they raise any questions of legality, and suggest parliamentary responses to the bills. You have also been asked to speculate on possible judicial responses to these bills, should they be enacted.

Where appropriate you may discuss with reference to the HRA and the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), but you do not have to make reference to European Court of Human Rights case law.

1. In order to ‘create efficiencies’ and save money, the Save Our National Health Service Bill will repeal relevant provisions of devolution legislation so that there is now a single NHS rather than different health services for England, Wales and Scotland.

2. The Government has also decided to reintroduce compulsory conscription because of concerns about growing threats to national security, and concerns about increasing crime. The Making Our Country Great Again Bill has been introduced and passed in the House of Commons, and is now in the Lords. Under this Bill, all males of UK nationality turning 18 will have to undertake two years’ military service. The only exceptions to compulsory conscription are the disabled and mentally ill.

3. The Government has grown tired of the House of Lords consistently defeating it on legislation. It insists that the House of Lords is too costly, and “is full of old people with nothing better to do than complain”. It has signalled that it will simply abolish the Lords, and thereafter the House of Commons alone will enact legislation. The Government has stated that if necessary it will use the Parliament Acts procedure to carry this reform through.

4. Finally, the Government has decided to repeal the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act, because it thinks that incumbent governments should have the flexibility of determining when the next election will be. The Government has said the FTPA will not be replaced with a statute: “the prerogative will suffice”. "

Im not expecting an answer, I just need a little guidance, this question has really thrown me!

thanks. xx

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