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(Original post by lou p lou)
this has got to be one of the first threads like this on here where i can truthfully say no i didn't, i stayed in and was boring.... i did an all day sesh on thursday though and i'm out tonight, and i had a heavy week last week (drunk camping is brilliant) and i'm going to dublin next week.

lou xxx
yes, most i live in the ultimate camping area, and i have to say, drunk camping rules here. We have this thing when everyone in grade 12 graduates they all go to this thing called grad camp out.

ussually there is about 200 to 300 people out, music blaring in there cars, people swimming, so many funny things happen. One grad camp out was on the beach, and it was low tide when everyone arrived. they all pitched there tents on the beach, lit camp fires and cracked the beers and the bottles. When they all went to bed high tide came and swamped half of the 20, 0r 30 tents.

Another time was at woss lake, people started drinking right when they arrived. so most of the guys went to grab fire wood and started falling trees when drunk with chain saws. one tre that was 3/4 of a meter around landed on someones car and smashed the roof
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