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Hi i'm taking GCSE Pearson RE and I need some sort of checklist to know what to revise. I know the headings like belief in God etc. But I need to know specifically what is under each one eg. Paranormal. The exam is on Monday and unit 8 on Wednesday, so it would be great if someone could respond as soon as possible. Thanks
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Maybe the spec would help?
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Okay I'll give you the list of things you need to go through under each heading.
1. Believing in God
- belief and non belief in God
- religious upbringing
- religious experience, numinous and conversion
- design argument on the existence of God
- causation argument
- scientific explanations of the world and the Christians response to it
- problem of evil and suffering And Christian responses to it
- how tv programmes can affect your belief in god
2. Matter of life and death
- Christians and life after death
- Muslims and life after death
- non religious reasons for life after death (this is where the paranormal thing comes in)
- why some don't believe in life after death
- abortion and British legislations about it
- Christian and Muslim attitudes to abortion
- euthanasia and British legislations about it
- Christian and Muslims attitudes to euthanasia
- Media and life after death
3. Marriage and the family
- attitudes to marriage, family, divorce, homosexuality in the UK
- Christian and Muslim attitudes towards sex outside of marriage
- Christian and Muslim teachings on family life
- muslim and Christian attitudes to homosexuality
- muslim and Christian attitudes towards contraception
4. Community cohesion
- roles of men and women in the UK
- Christian and Muslim attitudes to equal rights for women
- UK as a multi-ethnic society
- governments action to promote community cohesion
- Christian and Muslim and why they should promote racial harmony
- UK as a multi-faith society
- issues raised for children by multi-faith society
- why religions should work together for community cohesion
- religion, community cohesion and how media represents community cohesion..

This is just the 4 topics for the first unit, it seems long but trust me you can get through all this before your exam! I did the same exam last year and I aced it. Typing all this reminds me of all the revision I did and it's all coming back. Anyway, for now focus on those topics! If you need help with the rest please don't hesitate to PM me. I still have my revision guide for both the units, I'm always available for any help you may require! Good luck for your exam!

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I'm not sure if we're doing the same course but I have my RE exams on the same dates. My revision guide says "Religion and Life (Unit 1) and Religion and Society (Unit 8) Christianity and Islam", so maybe it's the same. The contents page has a list of topics. Please tell me the specification code on your exam timetable so I can check if it's the same as mine. Good luck!
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