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2017 OCR C1 official thread - 17th May

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Original post by Chichaldo
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Some of the later 2016 ones are a bit tricky but nothing too taxing.

Trying to think of a way to get A on its own was the hard part of the last question
Original post by Big Lee
What is the hardest OCR C1 question you have all come across ?
Good luck guys
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How did everyone find the paper today? What did everyone get for the value of K?
it was really hard for a core 1. But i still managed to answer pretty much everything unlike last years 1. i got -27/12 for K
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uh oh- i messed that up bad...........
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-1/324 skr skr
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I got k value for -9/4 (simplified)

I think you had to work out the gradient of the second equation which was 6, and then use -1/6 as the gradient when you work out k because the question says normal.

Also, this may seem dumb, but I thought rational number meant mixed fractions. Would I lose a mark if I left my answer in mixed fractions in the 1st question?

Also what did everyone get for the last question?
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I got k=81 as it was parallel to the normal and I didn't think I had to find the -1/gradient of the normal.
I think I got K= -8.5/3 lol
Having experienced driving a rusty green mid 80's vauxhall I am qualified to say that this test was extremely unpleasant
That paper was OKAY , I have a feeling that there was some question that I messed up on ! But anywho. Gotta wait for C2 and S1 now !!
The questions made sense however I just got to breaking point and froze on some questions because of the immense pressure. And now I just feel like that this is the final chapter.........................
it wasnt that bad guys compared to last yearGet over yourselvesevery1 complains about c1 but its not that badjust wait till C2/3/4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What did you guys get for the C value?
Original post by HungarianTamil
What did you guys get for the C value?

I got k= 9/4
And c= -12
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any1 writing an unofficial mark scheme?!?
Guys what did everyone get for K I am totes freaking out rn, like absolutely ******** one. I got 81 yes one fat ladies and a kellys eye. All my BFFS got -9/4. Also what did everyone get for the area?!?!?!?!?!?! thanks mathematicians
What did people get for the equation for 10 i)

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