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need advice please watch

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    ok, on thurs was a little disappointed as altho i got into my 1st choice and i was pleased to get the marks i had been expecting in eng lang and geog, i managed to miss the grade my teacher had almost promised me in english lit, i think by 9 marks. i was a little surprised as i had felt the exam did go ok.
    so would it be possible to retake those modules again, whilst at uni? or apply for remark or what?
    I know people think is pointless once into first choice but will employers hold this A level against me, even if i do well at uni?
    I went from an A at AS to a C, please advise me as i am not sure what to do.


    Ally :rolleyes:

    I think if you used the time from not doing the resits to get a really good mark in your degree so that you eventually get a first class over all your employer will not care about your a-levels.

    I have been pondering doing this with psychology - retaking one or maybe two modules to get from a B to an A. Basically because i did it in a year, and so the logic would be that had i had longer (and a teacher..) i could have got an A (thus, AAA)

    Then I realised i've been spending too much time on here. :rolleyes: If you are worried about future employment, then your time (and it would take a fair bit of time, as you'd have to remember stuff that you learnt a while ago now in january - when you may well have uni exams..) would be much better spent getting some work experience, or something else new to add to your CV.

    Employers look at A levels, but a C isn't going to spoil things. You need a good degree next, so congratulate yourself & then move on - you will have far more important & fun things to do at uni rather than take more exams!!!!
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    ok, cheers i would rather not have the trouble of retake and yes, like u say as long as the Alevels reasonable and i am into my 1st choice, work hard and get a decent degree then it shouldn't matter then?
    I guess is just because i have been worrying about results for so long, i cannot stop even now i have got them!! must restrict amount of time i spend on here!


    Well from what I've heard employees want from you:
    1.Good personality
    2.The course you've taken and the standard you achieved
    3.Respectable university (not necessarily required though - just what I've heard)
    4.Your past grades (such as A-Levels and GCSE)

    However I've also heard that only points 1 and 2 make a real difference and points 3 and 4 are secondary if even that (especially point 4 which I've heard they don't really give a rats ass about).
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