Classical Civilisation 30/20 Marker essays exam

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I was wondering what would be a better approach to structuring my 30/20 marker essays in my classics exam: for example, To what extent do you agree that the treatment of the drapery is essential to portraying the female figure in Greek sculpture of the 6th, 5th, and 4th centuries BC?

Should i go through each sculpture and explain?
P1: Berlin Kore
P2: Knidian Aphordite
P3: etc

Or should I go by point?
P1: Decoration and surface patterning : Berlin kore and peplos kore
P2: Accentuation of the anatomy: Pedimental sculpture on the Parthenon
P3: etc

I get that it can also depend on the question and sometimes its just better to go through each sculpture or temple but it makes sense to go by point rather than sculpture?? Also how much detail should I include? Only what is relevant to the question or would extra score me more?

If you have any other structures it would really help me to explore them!!

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