How to revise for debating "implications" of something? Watch

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I'm a final year biomedical sciences student but I don't think subject matters here. I've just sat one exam, now a second one is coming up and I'm freaking out because I'm only good at hard fact questions. One of the tutors this year spent an entire tutorial talking about debating the implications of certain technologies - We don't know which will come up on the exam but debating the implications almost certainly will (or being able to will be handy) so i want to include some of that in my revision on top of all the standard content.

It's not essay structure I struggle with, It's that I learn hard facts with flash cards, I etch keyword-heavy model sentences into my brain by repetition which helps me to recall the facts in an exam, but I don't know how to make that work for a debate question into the "implications" of a developing technology. I'm a black-white, right-wrong kind of thinker so 'implications' are a bit fluffy for me.

Since flashcards are all I'm good at I was wondering if anyone has any alternative revision methods or a way to make the cards work better for such a vague topic?

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(Original post by bulbawill)
Hey - I'm currently a first year qualitative student (Philosophy, Politics and Economics): so completely other side of the spectrum! I'm bad at fact-based quantitative questions so maybe we can help each other hahah

I made a video on how I best revise for my subjects (even though its aimed at gcse/a level I still use same methods today) so might be worth checking out!
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