AS AQA Sociology Exam (Education and MIC)

James Watkins
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Would someone please be able to clarify with me;

1. A 20 mark answer structure, the different views you'll need to include, and what are the best Sociologists to include.

2. What predictions are there for the Methods in Context that people know of?
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it's impossible to say what sociologists to include... it will entirely depend on what the Question is.
For a 20 mark question:
Intro: lay out an overview on what is being asked and present both sides of the argument (e.g. for Class inequality you have to mention there are INTERNAL and EXTERNAL Factors), then mention which side of the argument the item refers to.

Paragraph 2-4: Next 3 Paragraphs should include one side of the argument. For each paragraph include a clear point, then go on to use a sociologist who proves your point, before finally linking it back to the question.

Paragraphs 5-7: Now present 3 points for the other side of the argument. Following the same structure as previously.

Paragraph 8: Conclude by saying which side of the argument you believe is strongest. Make it clear why you think this is true. Finally end with a sentence that shows the examiner that there is more than just one thing you should look at when thinking about the topic. (E.G. If the question is about class achievement inequalities, then you should end by saying "Though there is a clear class divide when looking at academic achievement, it is also important to remember that gender and ethnicity also influence how well a student does."

Now personally, I prefer to write one side of the argument in 3 straight paragraphs and then the second side. However you can alternate sides between each paragraph.

From what I've heard the method in context question may be something regarding gender and Interviews of some sort...

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