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A question ive always wanted to know the answer to

Hey, so i have always wondered whether other girls get anxious or scared if their vagina smells? It sounds like im joking around and stuff but im not too sure if a smelling vagina is a bad thing or not? because sometimes i can be okay down there but then the next few days it could smell a bit? I dont know if its just because of discharge or if it is actually something i should get checked out? I dont know if it has to be related to masturbation because i do masturbate sometimes however i haven't has sex in a year.

so i guess my question is, am i just overreacting or should do you think i should get it checked out?
Especially in the US, there is an entire industry dedicated to making women think their genitals smell bad so they buy expensive (and unnecessary) crap.

It's usually obvious when there's something wrong - an actively unpleasant smell - and there will often be an unpleasant discharge, but if you're worried, do have a check.
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so i guess my question is, am i just overreacting or should do you think i should get it checked out?

It depends, what does it smell of?

Or are you maybe just over-reacting? Some Females can be over sensitive and just dislike their vaginas.
Its gonna smell bad if you haven't cleaned it for a day or two, much like any area of your body: your underarms will smell bad if you don't wash and don't wear deodorant, your mouth is gonna smell bad if you don't clean your teeth, your butt would smell if you didn't wipe and wash properly. However if it smells particularly unpleasant just an hour or two after showering you should probably go to the doctors; you could have an STI or Thrush.
All vaginas smell but it is almost unnoticeable as long as you keep up a good hygiene regime; use safe products like non scented soaps and wash it off very throughly with clean water, never put anything inside and wash at least once daily.

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