I really struggle with A2 History essays

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How long would you recommend a history essay should be?
Mine always end up being two sides of A4 and I don't think its long enough to get top marks, but I can never think of more content to add.

Also, if anyone has any tips on how to structure my essays it would be very much appreciated
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I think a minimum of 3 sides of A3 in order to get good marks.

It's difficult to explain how to structure an essay with no idea of the content - but the obvious answer is INTRO- MAIN BODY- CONCLUSION.

Your intro should introduce the question and assert how you are going to answer the question. So if your question was "What was the main cause of WW2?" You could write, "There were many issues which led to the beginning of WW2. In this essay we will consider FACT ONE, FACT TWO and FACT 3, which all contributed to the beginning of the war.

Then you have your main body which is an explanation of your three facts always referring back to the original question.

Then your conclusion, "In conclusion, there were many factors which contributed to the beginning of WW2. Three of which were FACT ONE, FACT TWO and FACT THREE." If you believe that any one of them had greater precedence than the others then write so- but if you think they were all equal contributors then that is also valid.

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