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What did everyone get? Here are my answers: 1a) 5000 b) faeces c) photosynthesis, glucose 2a) I think was the natural selection thing so Variation in species =competition Survival of fittest and natural selection best adapted survive They breed and pass advantaged gene too offspring b) Darwin drawn as a monkey because he said humans evolved from monkeys and had similar qualities c) early on there was a lack of evidence, used to be more believe in god and 6 days of creation 3a) urine, kidney sweat, skin B) though water and a balanced diet 4 (6 mark q?) nervous system path: Receptor changes message to electrical impulses, to sensory neurone, synapse, relay neurons (Cns and brain), synapse, motor neurone, effector and my example was light receptors in eye if bee flying towards ur eye and the effector was the eyelid which shuts (Obvs I explained that one in proper English but that was my points) 5) (adaptations q?????) idk the order of the Qs I'm gonna guess A) the roots thing: long and extensive lots of water and nutirents absorption for the plant and at the top roots were shallow and covered wide area to absorb nutrients from a wide area B) leaf comparison?? I said the one in dry conditions had a large surface area for maximum absorption of water etc and light I guess (I'm not sure about this I guessed) C) the spines fight against predators D) layer of fat for insulation E) camel and lama thing??? Camel has fat in humps to store energy and not beneath skin because wants to lose heat as in hot conditions, lama under skin for insulation as in cold conditions Then was it the sexual reproduction cloning thing? 6a) I said the advantage of sexual reproduction was genetic variation not clones b) was confusing cos of the diagram but I just said they took the nucleus out of female A and B and used the nuclear from A and cell from B as cell B had no faulty mitochondria and mitochondria is in cell not nucleus which is why they took the cell from the healthy female, they added nucleus A to cell B using electrical impulses, the impulses also cause the cell to divide when placed in surrogate mother, the egg was fertilised with the sperm through sexual reproduction and produced an embryo which then multiplied (idk about this bit) and then planted in surrogate mother and when born would have the genetic info of female A but not the faulty mitochondria idk if I've missed anything but now I think it was the plant Q about phototropism etc which confused me a lot so I won't put my answers because I don't think I got it right but the last two parts I put c) grows towards the light because auxin moves towards shaded side which makes this side elongate faster and the shoot bends towards the light D) this is good cos it maximises absorption of light for photosynthesis What did everyone else get? My answers might not all be correct and I'm sorry if I missed anything but that's what I got I usually get an A/A* in biology x

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