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This is a controversial post that will no doubt “trigger” some people. If you are easily triggered then you should not read on.

There is a professor at California State university called Kevin MacDonald who has written number books on the topic of Jews using “group evolutionary strategy” to further their in group interests. MacDonald argues that the Jewish ethnic interest is contrary to “white identity” and “white interests”. These movements discredit white ethnocentrism while promoting Jewish ethnocentrism.

His most famous work is The Culture of Critique which is of course centred on the Frankfurt School system of thought which is a critique of the West and of the white native European people. We can see that this type of thinking is very popular in governments, media, civil service etc. of Western countries and the so called educated people think of people who don’t buy into this as primitive. (E.g. a belief that Diversity is strength for European countries and the native population identity is awful, yet at the same time institutions for the native people of Asian, African or South American countries are wonderful, evil old white empires with slavery while everyone else’s empires with slavery were wonderful etc. etc.).

MacDonald claims that a number of intellectual movements reinforced Jewish in-group interests, not just the Frankfurt School but also psychoanalysis and cultural anthropology. MacDonald argues that neo-conservatism (one can relate this to more than a generation of U.S. Presidential advisers) is a Jewish movement. The Jewish movements, claims MacDonald promote mass-immigration into Western countries, with Jewish groups being vehement campaigners for the U.S. Immigration Act of 1965.

Kevin MacDonald has received heavy criticism from the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) who claim that "he put the anti-Semitism under the guise of scholarly work... Kevin MacDonald's work is nothing but gussied-up anti-Semitism. At base it says that Jews are out to get us through their agenda ... His work is bandied about by just about every neo-Nazi group in America."

Of his critics, MacDonald has written that his critics have not judged his work on its merits, but instead believe "the subject is taboo and discussing it should be forbidden.”

Is Kevin MacDonald’s work a valid concern because facts should triumph?, or is Kevin MacDonald wrong (do you perhaps have the evidence to discredit his many thousands of citations)? Or should political truth top facts?

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Ahahaha let's see how this is going to go down here. It reminds me of a line from a film "You can't handle the truth."

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