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Do you actually need to BUY the gowns?

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Hey all. Went to Oxford again today. Bought a mortars hat, tie and gown- the hat thingy made me look silly :redface:

It all looks silly in a way :tongue:
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Remember not tp wear the hat. Proper sub fusc, IIRC, is holding the hat. Wearing it around town is a heinous crime, apparently :wink:
ok... am paranoid. I am planning to buy the gowns etc. new, but was planning to do this when i got to oxford... will i be able to do this...? i'm worried that they will have sold out or something... they won't sell out will they?? I don't want to end up without gowns, should i buy from the online shop before i get there :confused:
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I'm not sure if getting a 1 in prelims guarantees you becoming a scholar. If you do become a scholar or exhibitioner, then more is expected of you and your status is reviewed regularly. I like the scholar's gown very much.

tis not guaranteed. may depend how cheap your college are feeling :wink:

& it's more like a walking neon "pressure!" arrow pointing at you i should think.. :frown:

anyway..i like sub fusc. like Fluffy says - it does save on thinking what to wear! & i happen to like black skirts, stockings & high heels..ahem.. :tongue: & i'd go for the whole 'equality' & 'meritocracy' thing as well. & the carnation tradition i quite like too. plus the traffic seem to let you cross more easily, which can save from near death experiences! & being showered in glitter, champagne, 100s&1000s etc. in it & wandering dazed around town is fun.. :biggrin: