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I am taking ESL , before I go to College. Can someone please help summarize this article in one large paragraph like 100 words..

This is my weak attempt :

' Dozen of Students who experienced mental illness shot a movie Warrior Within. This also made an impact to teach students about this issue as part of the curriculum. This will be helpful because it uses visuals and physical activities as story telling. Studies show 1 in 5 people experience mental illness while 5 out 5 need to be aware of the illness and do not need diagnosis.'

This is the article:

Using powerful imagery, the 13-minute perspective invites viewers to interpret it their own way and is aimed at provoking discussion. About a dozen students, guided by a handful of professional mentors, shot Warrior Within over four days last summer and created visual art and music to accompany it. Wachter invested her own money, raised $17,000 through crowdfunding and hopes to raise $10,000 more to cover costs. The student curriculum team is now in the process of designing half a dozen lesson plans covering everything from the science of mental illness to stigma, the role of social media and cultural attitudes. Coping strategies will be front and centre. So will artists and other positive role models with mental illness living successful lives. Instead of lectures, they’re developing interactive lessons using lots of visuals, icebreaker activities, mindfulness games and exercises that encourage students to take the lead. “You want kids to be excited to come to this class,” says Sara Naqvi, a Grade 11 student at St. Clements School. “We want them to want to learn about it.” A commonly cited statistic is that one in five people will experience mental illness. These students stress that five out of five need to be conscious of their mental health, and that you don’t need a diagnosis to ask for help. Once completed this spring, the material will be vetted by a social worker and mental health professional, and available for educators and others to download for free. The concept has the potential to make a difference, says Toronto psychiatrist Dr. Marshall Korenblum, who believes storytelling and art are valuable tools for conversing about mental health. “Peers speak to peers with a credibility that adults don’t have,” says Korenblum, psychiatrist-in-chief at Hincks-Dellcrest Centre, a children’s mental-health centre. “And if you have a peer who’s had what we would call ‘lived experience,’ then that has extra credibility. So not only are they speaking from the same level, but they’re speaking from a place of ‘I know what this is like.’ ” There’s also a benefit for students behind the scenes, notes Rhea Jangra, who is in Grade12 at UTS. “It’s an opportunity to make a difference.” Warrior Within will be screened May 17 at a gala fundraiser at the Isabel Bader Theatre in Toronto, along with a student panel and art exhibition.

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