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hey, so for my unit 1 exam on Tuesday just gone, I answered criminal courts and lay people as one of my 3 sections. the last question asked the advantages and disadvantages of the use of lay people, this is what I included, could you say what you think I'd be awarded for it?

MAGISTRATES: the system involves members of the community so there's a wider cross-section of society than professional judges, 6% are ethnic minorities where only 8% of the population are. The use of them is cheaper as it saves government money and if we were to use judges then it's estimated to be around £100,000 each year for them. They live in local area so they're more aware of local crime patterns. However they tend to be middle class and middle minded as 40% are retired and 89% are over 50 so when dealing with younger offenders it'll be hard. Inconsistencies in bail and sentencing (20% burglars in Teeside arrested whereas 41% in Birmingham).

JURY: public have confidence as been around long time since Magna Carta 1215. Open justice as law explained to them making it easier for the defendant to understand the case. Secrecy in the jury room so can't be disclosed. However may cause them to be distressed if have a personal effect. May reach a decision to quicken the case up and decisions made can be perverse. Thanks!!

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