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    (Original post by NickLCFC)
    I think it's an absolute disgrace that a xenophobic, racist bigot like Paul Nuttall is given a platform to spread his hateful rhetoric.

    I've sent a complaint to ITV and I would urge everybody else to do the same.
    FREE SPEECH*!!!!!

    *unless I don't like what you're saying

    It's not for ITV to say whether he can be there, UKIP still has major party status, it won't for much longer but for this election they do.

    I lost interest after about 15 mins. It may as well be a stream of a few blokes arguing about ideas in a pub as they'll never be in a position to implement them.

    I only watched this debate for about 10 mins but the panel was filled with weak leaders who have absolutely no prospect of winning.

    I switched it over because all they could talk about how terrible it is that we are leaving. They should just go and smoke a spliff with tim farron to ease the pain of an astounding tory victory.

    Can't wait to put a tactical cross on the tories to lock the SNP out!!

    This debate probably had little influence on the way people will vote. Also, I don't believe people vote on the basis of manifestos because they are very large documents that would take the average person several days to look through all the parties pledges. It's mainly the media that will influence this election.

    Also, lots of tactical voting will be going on. Just take a look at UKIP pulling out of tory stronghold seats, or the coward Greens in Scotland who won't stand up for their party, and would rather prop up the SNP. Or recently a Lib Dem candidate in a marginal labour seat said 'don't vote for me, vote for labour instead'.

    This election will be won by the tories. This election will kill the labour party. This election will harm the SNP and diminish UKIP.

    Nicola pulled it out of the bag yet again.. what a lass


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