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When you don't know who to vote for? Watch

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    Ok, there's a lot going around on FB, etc. saying you should vote. But what do you when you don't know who to vote for? I will admit that I've not yet looked through every single parties manifesto. (I've started and not too clear yet)

    Personally i'll be spoiling my ballot. I can't say there's any party where I agree with more than 50% of their manifestos, so it makes little sense to me to vote for any of them.

    Probably best to look at manifestos first then - that way you know who you agree with more and can vote accordingly

    Just vote Labour because they aren't racist like the Conservatives. Also don't say theres no point because Conservative will win it anyway because this is one the reasons why Labour don't actually have a chance of winning.

    And to ACTUALLY answer your question (lol), just look at their manifestos and choose from one, and don't just choose based on your constituency.

    Read around a bit and see if you agree with on more than the other. Its OK not to be 100% sure about a party remember your never going to agree with one about everything.Just find your closest match. Also look at your local candidates social media and see what they want to do for the local area as it may not be the same as the national party. Its important you vote no matter who its for. Not enough young people vote. This election is a once in a lifetime opportunity to shape the country so make sure you vote.

    Actually, perhaps it would be best for people who 'don't know' to be philosophical about it and relax: there is nothing shameful about not knowing, the developing of an informed political conscience and awareness is something that comes with age and it starts at the point where we feel naturally interested in matters political. From there we do know where to seek the basis for an informed voting orientation. Sex comes to mind, rushing your first experience isn't always a good idea and waiting till you know what you're doing is the safest bet.

    Personally, i believe you just have to read Private Eye to know what goes on behind the scenes in this country and that is a suggestion to everyone wishing to expand their understanding of the political scene. The Today program on Radio 4 is the main stage for a quizzing of leading politicians on issues of the day, TV and BBC Parliament (I think I made up my mind on what colours to wear whilst watching some debate in the House) it is informative to assess them in the flesh like that. it is also important to diversify the source of data, if you read the same paper everyday you're at the mercy of their views.

    Maybe we ought to raise the voting age, instead of lowering it. In real terms, an ill-informed vote doesn't do anything for democracy other than potentially distort it. God knows what Parliament would look like if only over-40s could vote, it just wouldn't be the same.

    Heres a detailed guide on who to vote

    Are you a racist rich ****? If yes vote for conservatives
    If not vote labour
    Im messing but check manifestos and see which help you more

    Use the isidewith 2017 general election quiz to see which party your views are most in line with! It's very simple, quite quick and easy.

    Vote for whichever will affect you personally. That's what you're going to have to live with.

    Life's about to become difficult in this country over the next few years. You should vote on the issues that are closer to home and will have a direct effect on your day-to-day living. It's nice to vote based on wider issues that effect the environment or energy or whatever, but when there's less money to go around due to titanic Brexit bills, or increase in taxes or whatever, you're going to want to prioritise your issues and choose ones that will give you the best chance at living the life you want to live.

    If you have the luxury of being able to not worry about certain things, then go ahead and vote based on ideals. It's not always about agreeing with a majority of a party's policies. Sometimes it's about placing more importance on the ones that affect you, your local area and your friends and family. Vote for the party you think cares about you personally.
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