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    So I've picked History, Government and Politics, and Chemistry but I'm really uncertain that it's what I want to do. I'm extremely tempted to change G&P to Physics, but doing so would make me worry about needing to take Maths - Which I would actually need to do if I wanted to study it at university. But that's the thing, I don't know what I want to study after A-levels and I don't know what career path I want to take. Was/is anyone else in this position and had a specific way of narrowing down their options or coming to a conclusion that they were quite happy with?

    I honestly didn't know what I wanted to take at university when I was picking my A-level options. I looked at what I had studied in GCSE's and picked the subjects that I had enjoyed and knew I could see myself succeeding in. For AS I took; English Language and Literature (studied at GCSE), ICT (studied at GCSE) and two new ones; Economics and Health & Social care. The new ones interested me and would broaden my horizons in terms of what courses at uni I could take as I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. My advice would be to go with your gut and do what you know you'll do well in AND enjoy, because during A-levels you can lose motivation and so liking a subject is hugely important in motivating yourself to work hard and do well, which should hopefully reflect in the grades you get at the end of them!
    I hope this helps and good luck with what you end up choosing

    I took Maths, FM, Physics and Chemistry. What I based it on was the uni requirements for my course for which my first 3 were a requirement, and my 4th A level I just chose for fun - where I needed to put the least amount of effort to get a decent grade.

    It mostly depends upon what type of university you want to study at, granted maths would play to your advantage but I wouldn't take a subject purely down to the fact of it making a university application more successful. I did that at AS by studying Biology and ended up dropping it, making it my biggest regret of sixth form. Government and Politics is still a strong A-Level to chose and would combine well with History. I had a few friends that took Politics just because it was something new and ended up really enjoying it! Having the 2 sciences still makes you a very strong candidate to study at top universities, and especially if you are slightly unsure as to what career path you want to take, taking A-Levels in subjects that you enjoy or are interested in or are currently doing quite well at is definitely what I would advise! Most sixth forms/ colleges allow you a few weeks to get used to the courses and allow you to change if you think it's not for you.

    It is definitely more interesting to do a broad range of a-levels however it actually makes it a lot harder if you have lots of different styles of assessment. You don't need maths for a-level physics although as you rightly say, you do for any physics or engineering degrees at uni. It is really hard to know what a-levels to do when you don't even have any comprehension of what the courses are like- let alone what it's like to study certain subjects at uni. That said unless you are planning on doing science, most degrees only need 1 specific a-level then they accept a broad range. Chemistry is a fantastic choice as you can get into a lot of science degrees with that, even biological stuff.
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