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How is Romeo presented as love-sick?
This soliloquy (Act 2 Scene 2) displays Romeo's infatuation towards Romeo. It gives an example of how love-sick Romeo can be; there are other instances throughout the play too.
Shakespeare introduces the soliloquy by using a rhetorical question to gain the attention of the reader. Within this extract, Shakespeare uses the motif of brightness and celestial objects (which is evident throughout the rest of the play too). Romeo states 'what light through yonder window breaks?' : the noun is used as a metaphor for Juliet in this instance. The motif of light is further built up with Romeo now personifying the Sun by stating that 'Juliet is the sun' and continues to say that the sun (Juliet) will 'kill the envious moon' (the 'envious moon' may have been a metaphor for Rosaline whom Romeo previously loved but did not love Romeo backs, so Romeo's hatred for Rosaline may have been shown through this quote). Shakespeare portrays Juliet as 'the sun' and 'light' in Romeo's eyes to show the audience how importantly Romeo now regards Juliet: the same way the sun is essential for humanity and nature, Juliet is now essential for Romeo (There was a large interest towards celestial objects and exploration at the time, especially with notoriety of Galileo and other astronomers, Shakespeare used this interest to involve the mention of 'the sun', 'the moon' etc and this played a part in attracting the audience). This shows just how love-sick Romeo is because he is no so besotted with Juliet that he now regards her as a significant (if not most significant) part of his life. Shakespeare's use of motifs is evident in this extract however it is explored further throughout the play, which brings me to my next point...

Thanks for reading, this is only one paragraph (is it too long?), please give some feedback; if you have any pieces feel free to send them, I can give some feedback too.
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Im no professional, but by glancing over it i would suggest:
dont use brackets for long passages/sentences of your essay. You should try to condense down the information into different paragraphs to structure your piece. Try to give the analytical ideas higher up the paragraph. But overall, i think this is really good!!! the content is probably worthy of high marks.

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