Is my boss a bully?

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Sorry I will have to be vague so it's not recognisable.

My boss has this tone and creates this atmosphere at work.. I'm not the only person who feels this way either, everyone has said the boss makes them feel "stressed".

The way they speak to people is like this constant snapping or a tone where they think you're stupid. Their tone is a bit flustered/aggressive. I've had "bad" management in other jobs but not this kinda atmosphere, it's hard to explain. You feel stress and pressure/anxiety, even though the job itself is not difficult at all, but due to the stress they create you end up messing up so they get even more mad at you. They also never own up to mistakes they make (and try to pin them on you.. once they made a mistake by assigning two things the same number, but of course it was somehow me being in the wrong..).

I also overheard them talking about me behind my back to another member of staff and it really effected my self esteem. The thing they said was their view of my ability and I feel ever since then they are judging me through that lens, so whenever I'm not "perfect" it's cos of me, not cos I'm human and make mistakes..

There's also a member of staff who does little work and isn't shy about it, they openly say they don't want to be in the job etc and the bosses are fine with this. Whilst everyone else is literally sweating with nerves and stress to do enough work.

I also had a health problem and the boss mocked me and made a comment (I can't really say cos it'll be too identifiable). I told my partner and they said the comment was unacceptable and I should really have complained. But I just feel so intimidated and scared.

Whenever this boss is on shift I get so nervous going to work. I will be quitting soon but I don't know how I'm going to stick it out in the meantime (the job has a high turnover of staff, I wonder why?)

Any advice would be appreciated.
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Lol there is a lot of negative energy at your workplace! I think for health reasons, you should quit and work elsewhere in a better environment, which does not worsen your self esteem. Things may get worse and health and happiness should always be the first priority. Ignore your colleagues, they are probably miserable on you because the boss has the same effect on them so their attitude is negative and that gives them no right to pass their sadness onto you.

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