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I've been thinking about my options for university... and I don't know what to study, Health and Social care in general does appeal (as it opens up to a whole load of professions), Adult nursing and Mental Health nursing also appeals... but I don't wanna study for 3/4 years to just be tied down to nursing.

Should I apply for multiple courses at the same university and apply to less universities or should I apply for just one uni course but apply to more universities...?
^Sorry if the wording seems a bit confusing, just need a little advice 😅
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Health and social care as a degree doesn't actually open that many professions.
For example, speech and language, nursing, occupational therapy etc all require you to do the individual degree to obtain a professional qualification.
I suggest you get some experience to see where your heart and your passion lies before you commit to a degree.
It's worth noting that nursing doesn't just mean nursing in a ward for example. Nursing is a great career, which opens so many doors, including teaching.
If you're interested in healthcare then work as a hca for a while and obtain an nvq. But a health and social degree is not something I'd recommend personally.
It doesn't lead to a specific career.
The main point of going to uni to study is to gain a qualification and / or knowledge in a particular area.
It's also worth noting that when you apply to university you need to write a personal statement.
You'd find it very difficult to apply for multiple courses with one personal statement geared towards them all. And universities look for commitment and knowledge of the area you're applying to within your personal statement. And some courses are more competitive than others!
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The worst thing to do is to apply for several course because you only have on personal statement to write. To most unis it shows that you're not dedicated to that one course and I know a few people who applied for multiple course had a hard time getting offers as well as writing the personal statements. Best to apply to one uni course at different universities

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