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I would love to abroad, especially southern Africa however It seems so far away rn as a as level student. Is this sort of things actually possible to achieve? I'd need to learn Afrikaans as well, as well as I would want to settle down in a relationship fairly early in my life so id need to take into account always moving. This is a lifetime goal of mine, I would like advice if people have ever done these things, and how and what rough cost?
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Not really the same but I live in Germany at the moment. If you want to do it it's definitely possible to move abroad. You'd have to research your country/area to see what job prospects you'd have and what level of language you'd need to cope (e.g. here in Germany I can basically teach English and that's it but I could get by with no German at all so didn't need to study so hard before I moved). I'd imagine that someone you'd be compatible in a long term relationship with would be happy with a similar goal to this or you'd be very different people! For me it only cost about £250 to move to Germany, the cost of a flight and couple of suitcases of stuff sent over... but I had a job within a week of stepping off the plane and it's not a big move! I'd imagine Africa would be much more expensive.

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