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Is Zoophillia acceptable? watch


    (Original post by Onearmedbandit)
    But I think it is not acceptable to sexually interact with another animal.

    (Original post by calamity jane)
    [one armed bandit]
    OK first of all tell my why the comparison to paedophelia is invalid? Surely even you can see links between the two offences.

    Secondly I did bring up the issue of consent and the fact that animals have rights.

    Also I think other people made some valid points... not that you'd have noticed seeing as how you so often lose it and fail to debate in what most would deem an appropriate manner.

    Finally just because you don't understand something that somebody said doesn't give you an automatic right to say they don't know what they're talking about."

    The comparison is invalid because the effect on a pet is far less of a crime than on a young human being. Yes I see that you were saying they both thought they were in a consensual relationship but I never said that was why I thought it was ok. Animals (other than us) are FAR less important than a human being.

    No I do understand what you have said. I know you stated they had rights but you never said why they were entitled to them. I never said what you said was wrong just coz I lost it (didn't at all but i did with that eleenia).

    As for Eleenia, you critise me for losing my cool, but ever since I've called you a dumb ***** you have done nothing but be *****y back so don't think you are any better. And when on earth did I say you couldn't have an opinion? WE are on a debate and discussion. Thats why we're here, to disagree because of differences. You just came on to the forum and thought it would be very funny and cool to say 'I don't know why any of you are on this forum. It's too sick to talk about.' then why have to come back here at least 5 times to be *****y to me since the first comment I've made about you? My point was if you don't have anything producive to say but be silly, don't post it. It was a waste of your time and ours reading it.
    Look, love- I'm not going to continue this aspect of the debate with you, you're not someone I think I could reason with. But if you're going to quote me, quote me. Otherwise don't use direct quotes for things I haven't said.

    (Original post by spk)
    I've said all this before...
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