Revising AS Level Product Design

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I have just recently completed my AS Product Design exam mealy days ago, and I feel that nothing could of went any better. to summarise, I am going to share with you various revision tips which worked perfectly for me, and can be used by you and applied to your revision with great effect.

1. Past papers.
Past papers are essential to any subject's revision, however in Product Design, the wording of the questions are the distinctive feature which makes the exams so difficult. as soon as you finish reading the question (and understand it), be sure to underline the keywords. These words are generally 'Compare' 'Name/state' 'suggest' etc. These key words are quite literally the key to understanding the question, as in if you are to suggest an alternative material for x application, or to compare one design against another.

2. Theory book.
As for PD Materials and Testing (3D), we used the textbook vigorously to revise for the exam. What worked best for me was to memorise the manufacturing processes (Injection moulding etc) and took a break. I then went back after a significant amount of time to try and draw out the fully labelled process fully from memory, to then compare against the original drawing in the book.


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