Can someone please explain the new CIMA structure?

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I used to think that you could sit the CIMA Operational and Management Level papers in any order. Here's an example of a quote I've found:

"You can take the six Operational and Management (OL and ML) papers in any combination and sequence.
One approach would be to take a wordy paper and a number paper together, so that you have a variety in your studies. E.g. E1 and F1.
On the other hand, you may consider papers in the same pillar, as they may complement each other in syllabus content and exam preparation. E.g. P1 and P2."

However I'm aware that the CIMA has changed somewhat recently- I know the structure of the Certificate in Business Accounting has changed for example.

Does this mean the rules regarding Operational/Management papers have also changed and I now have to fully complete one level before moving up to the next?

This is another quote I've found which contradicts the first quote (regarding Operational Level):
"This is the first Professional level of the CIMA qualification, and consists of three Objective Test exams, and an Operational Level Integrated Case Study exam. To move on to Management level you must be exempt from or pass all these, and on successful completion you will be awarded the CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting. You must already have completed Certificate Level (or have exemptions) to be eligible to sit Operational Level exams."

Could anyone please shine a light on this for me? Both these points are saying something completely different and I can't seem to find a definite answer.

I need to know so I can plan which papers I'll be studying for first etc.

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