Conversion Course From Business to Criminology

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So as the title says I have been looking to the options for converting business to criminology. My problem is Im concerned that like the business degree it will be theoretical drivel with no skills development. I tried to speak to my local university that offers a course in criminology and found the advisor to be less then forth coming.

Has anyone done a course in criminology?, how did you find it.

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I did my Undergraduate degree in Criminology (Joint Honours) at the University of Lincoln. I currently hold offers at Leicester (MSc Crime, Justice & Psychology), Derby (MSc Criminal Justice & Criminology) and Nottingham Trent (MSc Forensic Mental Health).

I really enjoyed my time at Lincoln and found the course content was very contemporary and teaching at a very high standard. There was a lot of freedom in terms of written assessments, often choosing from about 10 questions or even creating your own essay title. The modules were very relevant to the current state of Criminal Justice, for instance Penology, but also looking at international approaches in modules like Human Rights and historical conceptions such as Genocide. There is a lot of theory involved, but you are expected to apply this to real life situations.

I guess it all depends on where you want to study and where you want a degree in Criminology to take you. I always knew that I wanted to work in Probation and I've been doing that now for the last three years. I also hold a number of volunteering roles working directly with offenders. My Criminology degree has obviously gone a long way in helping me secure employment in the Criminal Justice sector and my experience was very well received by Derby when I applied there.

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