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I wrote this short analysis of a quote and wondered what grade this would get:The inspector uses the tridactic phrase 'Fire, Blood and Anguish' foreshadowing the potential prevailing destruction that comes forth with War and the lack of communication and secrecy that leads to destruction in the play. The tridactic phrase almost acts as a chain of events, as the blood could symbolise the small event that has a knock of effect and leads to greater more destructive things which could perhaps be Eva Smith being fired from both jobs resulting in her struggling to provide for herself. The use of the noun 'anguish' symbolises severe scarring and severe consequences that occur from not taking responsibility, as the Inspector almost acts as a mouth piece for Stevenson as he foreshadows events in the play that have already happened before the book was published, emphasising the immediacy to being to re-evaluate capitalist views and incorporate more socialist views in society.
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You can't really give a grade based on a single paragraph. You have included some good analysis (although I have a feeling you mean triadic phrase as opposed to tridactic), and linked to context smoothly. If the rest of your essay had unique, developed points such as this I could see you getting an 8/9, however, I would attempt to find some more quotes that link to the same point you're suggesting within the same paragraph (I know you were just analysing the single quote, however).

Also, instead of simply "noun" utilising more specific word classes could improve your grade - anguish is an abstract noun, and you used the wrong of/off (it's "knock off effect" not "knock of effect")

Hope this somewhat helped!

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