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Obsidian as the best guardian of the stone, whether it is wearing and placed at home have an excellent evil effect. Obsidian belongs to natural glass. Obsidian bracelet unique rainbow eyes are very beautiful, will distribute a good luster, very beautiful. Today to introduce a great evil spirits, clean energy Cai Bao - obsidian. Obsidian couple bracelet Obsidian bracelet changes and energy, has been covered with a layer of mysterious veil, but by many friends of the personal experience, it does have a very strong evil evil role, not only to avoid the interference of negative energy, but also to remove the unpleasant Musty and bad luck, whether close or put home, are the best guardian of life stone. To say that the role of wearing obsidian bracelet, of course, is to be used to make obsolete bracelet raw materials from the start. Obsidian bracelet, for a natural gem-grade ore, it is not really true to the natural crystal, but its physical properties and material are very close to the natural crystal fills. Obsidian bracelet is the product of volcanic rock after rapid cooling, belonging to a natural glass ore. Its market price is not very expensive, but its role is very large, in China is the most widely used one of the natural gem, in Buddhism, the natural obsidian bracelet is also called "black King Kong", with a very strong The lifting of the role of negative energy, extreme evil spirits, as evil spirits amulet, evil temple house on the good items. Obsidian Cologne Due to the pure energy of the obsidian bracelet, the comparison is the absorption of energy, obsidian bracelet because it has a strong and pure energy, so you can place in the heavier evil spirits, or even made obscure Buddha, It is superior, corresponding to the sea round, the human body can lead to the next three rounds, can be strong kidney, absorb the disease, treatment of infertility, to help sleep. And it is said that the liver also has the effect of treatment. The door put an obsidian bracelet like a door of the door god, so in the temple of the Mayan of Mexico, the stone used as a animal or statue of the eye or as a weapon, because the energy is very strong, can be negative energy absorption excluded, sensitive Of the people should be used to avoid meditation, so as not to over-stimulation, and every use must be thoroughly cleaned and clean. The role of obsidian bracelet Evil spirit of the body, the fierce Kyrgyzstan; obsidian itself is very pure energy, and very strong, great evil evil evil effect. Carry a natural obsidian bracelet Help to protect evil spirits, is the best evil spirits, amulets. The exclusion of the human body's negative energy; obsidian's energy is very strong and very pure, is the absorption of energy, so obsidian exclusion of negative energy is particularly prominent role. Wearing obsidian bracelet can effectively exclude the wearer who attached the negative energy, to remove their own bad luck. Obsidian corresponding to the sea round, add new energy; obsidian corresponds to the human body seabed round, so in addition to the effective elimination of negative energy, but also to the human body to add new energy, people full of vitality. As the Buddhist holy things in the ancient Chinese Buddhist culture, obsidian has been revered as a Buddhist holy things, great evil spirits, it is able to strongly resolve the negative energy of a natural gem, so now it is still for Buddhist practice The best gem. Obsidian is the ancient Western sacred objects; obsidian in addition to a wide range of applications in China, in Western countries, obsidian is also revered as the best sacred. In the temple of Maya in Mexico, the obsidian is used as the animal and statue of the eyes, for the Mexicans, obsidian has a special divinity, it is also regarded as the best apparatus of divination.  The method of wearing obsidian bracelets In the bracelet, almost all the natural colored stones Are to wear the left hand is better, but obsidian as a unique black gem, generally recommended to wear in the right hand, according to the principle of left into the right, obsidian strong energy, is to absorb the energy, right hand wearing obsidian to help their own Negative energy to absorb, while wearing obsidian can also prevent the invasion of other negative energy. If obsidian wear method is not clear, then it is likely to not achieve effective evil spirits. In this need to remind is that before wearing obsidian obsidian recommended demagnetization purification, wearing better results. Obsidian bracelet maintenance Obsidian bracelet in the placement, the best on a soft cloth, do not directly on the desktop, to prevent scratching the surface. If the obsidian bracelet needs to be cleaned, it is best to use pure water, for purification, can be placed in pure water for 24 hours. Free collision with hard objects. Obsidian hardness is high, but after the collision is easy to crack, greatly impair its perfection and economic value. Obsidian is the main component of silica, and glass the same, so the obsidian bracelet in the wear can not be collided with metal hard objects and friction, otherwise there will be scratches, serious will burst. Try to avoid dust as much as possible. Daily obsidian if the dust, it is appropriate to use soft brush clean; if dirt or grease, etc. attached to obsidian, you can use a soft cloth to wipe. Avoid using chemical in addition to oil. When not in use. It is best to put jewelry bags or jewelry boxes, so as not to rub or damage. Try to avoid contact with perfume, chemical solution, soap and human sweat. Wear a period of time recommended to soak with water, because it absorbs the negative energy of the human body and needs to be cleaned. You can add some salt in the water. Use a clean, soft white cloth wipe, should not use dyed cloth, fibrous hard fabric. Precautions As the main component of obsidian is silica, and glass the same, so obsidian bracelet in the wear can not be collided with metal hard and friction, otherwise there will be scratches, serious will burst. Obsidian bracelets in daily life, especially when bathing should pay attention to remove, because some people like to use sulfur soap bath, sulfur will destroy the glossy obsidian surface. Cooking food in the kitchen is best to remove the obsidian bracelet, away from high temperature and low temperature.
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Obviously, wearing obsidian completely destroys your ability to communicate effectively.

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